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Published Author and Retired FBI Special Agent in Charge

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Ray A. Morrow with Lindsay Preston

Ray A. Morrow served as the primary undercover agent in a major police corruption investigation that netted thirty Cleveland Police officers yet at the time Ray had only been an FBI Agent for two years and possessed no previous undercover experience prior to taking on this most sensitive and dangerous undercover assignment. As a first time author of BROKEN SHIELD– “An FBI Undercover Agent’s Personal Perspective,” he provides details both professionally and personally of the highs and lows he encountered during his time undercover.  
Ray is an accomplished leader in the FBI having served as the Special Agent in Charge of both the New York and Pittsburgh Field Offices. Ray possesses an all-encompassing background in investigative field operations combined with high-caliber qualifications in executive investigative management. Ray also protected the President of the United States as a member of the U.S. Secret Service Uniformed Division two FBI Directors and the President of a Fortune 500 Company. Ray now serves as the Chief Compliance Officer for the Pennsyvania Turnpike Commission. His more than forty-three years of investigations, executive managment and executive protection highlight his undercover journey. Ray waited twenty-eight years to tell his story, a story even his wife and children never really knew.

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Broken Shield: AN FBI UNDERCOVER AGENT’S PERSONAL PERSPECTIVE, is a remarkable narrative of a young boy’s fascination and admiration of the FBI and how as a young inexperienced agent with no undercover experience became the primary undercover agent in one of the FBI’s largest police corruption undercover investigations. Ray A. Morrow takes you through a series of life events that led to his historic undercover operation and the physical and emotional toll that he and his young family took on.

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My career as an FBI Undercover Agent is truly an amazing story. It gives you a real glimpse into what it is like to be in a position that the wrong move can result in the undercover agent’s demise. The damage that was inflicted against corrupt Police Officers in the Cleveland Police Department is immeasurable. Putting my life on the line day to day for our country is what being an actual hero is all about. After reading my story you will understand why we need "sheepdogs" like myself to protect us from the wolves that lay in wait.

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